Power Generation

Copper Alloys for the Power Generation Industry

Our extensive technological and metallurgical capabilities, proven production methods, proprietary manufacturing processes, and vast experience in producing high-quality copper alloys have enabled us to work with the Power Generation Industry to provide raw bar stock or finished products from print.

Typical Materials Requested:
Copper Chromium Zirconium UNS C18150
Copper Chromium UNS C18200
Copper Nickel Silicon Chromium UNS C18000
Copper Zirconium UNS C15000
Tough Pitch HC Copper UNS C11000

Cadi’s rings, rotor bars, commutator bars, axial conductors, and commutator segments are manufactured for use in both AC and DC motors encompassing primary applications such as the traction, mining and pumping industrial sector as well as generators in the utility sector.

Rotor bars, commutator bars and commutator segments are available in a wide range of forms including flat, trapezoidal, square, round and specific profiles supplied in either 12ft random mill lengths or as fully finished machined items in large or small quantities.

End rings are available in the hot worked and proof machined or finished machined condition in diameters up to 30 inches. Cadi is able to supply fully finished machined rings in pocketed, grooved, slotted and drilled forms or from print in large or small quantities.

Cadi’s technical, metallurgical, product and market experience allow us to offer a fully integrated approach to serving our customers’ needs and satisfy their requirements.