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Cadi is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer of copper alloy forgings.  Copper alloy forgings are available as open die forgings, hammer forgings, or precision rolled ring forgings depending on your product needs and specifications.  Cadi Company can process copper alloys in a manner that will enhance the performance by using different forging techniques such as cold work, cross-grain, hot forge, upset, upset & cross-grain.

Copper alloy forgings are used in many applications such as Seam Weld Wheel Blanks, Finished Seam Weld Wheels, Rolled Rings, Seam Weld Shafts, Motor End Rings, Forged Plates, Blocks, Round Bars, and Special Shapes.

Item Name: Copper Alloy Forgings
Materials: C18150 Copper Chromium Zirconium
C18200 Copper Chromium
C18000 Copper Nickel Silicon Chromium
C15000 Copper Zirconium
C17510 Copper Nickel Beryllium
C17200 Copper Beryllium
Forging Techniques: Hammer Forging
Open Die Forging
Precision Rolled Ring Rolling
Weight Limits: 5000 lb
Industries Served: Aerospace Industry
Aircraft Industry
Appliance Industry
Automatic Vending
Automotive Industry
Building Construction
Business Equipment
Consumer Electronics
Farm Machinery
Foundry Products
General Manufacturing
Industrial Machinery
Machine Tool
Manufacturing Industry
Material Handling Systems
Material Processing
Medical / Dental Equipment
Military and Defense
Oil & Gas Industry
Plastic Injection Mold Tooling
Power Generation
Racking / Shelving Systems
Resistance Welding Industry
Seam Welding
Telecommunications Industry
Universities / Laboratories
Welded Wire Reinforcement Industry
ISO Certification: 9001:2015 (Registration # 10002745 QM15 Valid until 2021-08-21)
Reports: Certification of Compliance
Chemical Analysis
Final Inspection
Material Test Reports
Mechanical and Physical Testing: Elongation
Grain Size
Nondestructive Testing: Chemical Analysis
Liquid Penetrant
Alloy Applications Cross Reference Chart C15000 C18150 C18000 C18200 C17510 C17200 C15760
Axial Conductors X            
Back-up Electrodes X X X X X X X
Bushings X X X X X    
Caps & Shank X X X X X X X
Casting Wheels X X   X      
Casting Wheels and Dam Blocks     X   X X  
Centrifugal Casting Mold X X X X      
Circuit Breaker Parts X X   X     X
Collector Connector X X   X       
Collector Housing X X   X      
Connector Bar X X   X      
Connectors X X X X X   X
Connection Lead Bar X X   X      
Continuous Casting Molds X X X X X X  
Cross Wire Welding Electrodes & Components X X X X X X X
Damper Ring/Finger X X X X      
Dies & Fixtures X X X X X X  
Die Casting Pistons     X   X X  
Die Casting Plunger Tips     X   X X  
Electrode Holders & Adaptors X X X X X X  
Electrical & Mechanical Power Components X X X X X X X
Flash & Butt Welding Dies X X X X X X X
Flexible Connector X X   X      
Heat Flux Components X X X X X   X
Injection Blow Molds & Dies   X X X X X  
Joining Components X   X   X X X
Lead Conductor Bar X X   X      
Motor End Rings X X X X X    
Neutral Bus Bar X X   X      
Non-Sparking Applications   X X X X X  
Nut & Stud Welding Electrodes X X X X X X  
Performance Engine Components     X   X X  
Permanent Molds     X   X X X
Power Generation Products X X X X      
Power Semiconductor Bases X X   X      
Resistance Welding Electrodes X X X X X X  
Rotor Coil Bar X X   X      
Seam Weld Wheels X X X X X X  
Series Loop Segment X X   X      
Shafts X X X X X X  
Slip Rings X X   X      
Slot Wedge X X X X      
Snap Rings X X   X      
Special Nipple X X   X      
Terminal Box Connectors X X   X      
Threaded Electrodes X X X X X X  
Transmission Devices X X   X     X
Water Clip X X   X      
Wear Plates           X  
Welding Arms X X X X X X  
Welding Blocks X   X   X X  
Welding Connectors X X X X X X  
Welding Platens X X X X X X