Cadi Coppr - Lube

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Why You Need It

  • Coppr-Lube is an electrically conductive paste-like lubricant that provides a solution to prevent galling and seizing of components in resistance welding environments.
  • Most resistance welding operations use copper alloy components that are joined by a simple mechanical straight or tapered fit as well as threaded connections. Under the high pressure of welding, these components can cold weld or seize when disassembling. The copper alloy parts can gall due to this cold-welding and cause premature part failure. Excessive force may be required to disassemble the parts which can distort or become damaged.
  • Cadi Coppr-Lube applied to mating copper alloy surfaces protects against seizing and galling, allowing easy disassembly. Also, corrosion and oxidation of applied surfaces are inhibited.
  • Used successfully for decades, application of Coppr-Lube assures electrical continuity of the welding system because it is formulated with copper, one of the best electrical conductors known. It applies easily as a paste by brush which allows it to flow easily into threads and cavities.


Formulation and Product Notes

  • Coppr-Lube is petroleum-based, with additives, notably colloidal copper which enhances electrical conductivity at the mating coated surfaces.
  • Coppr-Lube is a stable mixture, does not separate or settle.
  • Supplied in brush-top cans, application is fast, simple, and lasting.
  • Available from stock in 1 lb. brush-top cans, 1 can or a case of 12 cans.
  • Other can sizes are available.


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