Double Bend Electrodes

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Cadi manufactures double bend electrodes from standard RWMA Class 2 straight electrodes with water tubes in place. This assures water cooling at the weld face, giving longer life and more consistent weld quality. Cadi double bend electrodes may be ordered in all standard nose designs, and, as a special item, in either RWMA Class 1 or 3. Water tubes may be deleted upon request. Special shapes and sizes are available. Double bend electrodes are available from 2” to 4” overall length. 4 RW or 5RW tapers and offsets to 1-1/4”. Standard Nose Length is 3/4” for 4RW and 1” for 5RW. Standard taper length is 7/8” for 4RW and 1” for 5RW. Bent electrode overall length dimensions may vary ±1/16”. Custom Nose Length, Taper Lengths and Offsets are available upon request.