Air Cooled Cables

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Air Cooled Cables (DJ) provide an economical alternative for lighter duty applications not requiring water cooled cables.

The length is measured from the bolt hole centers on straight or 45° terminals. On terminals with 90° bends, measure to the extreme outside edge. On terminals with two holes, measure to the center of the outer holes.

Standard terminal width is 1-1/4”. 1-3/8” and 1-1/2” are available; specify when ordering.

Cables are also available as DJ-IC Isolated Conductor (each individual rope is in rubber tubing), DJ-SC Stabilized Collar (reduces strand failure at the cable terminal) and DJ-XF (36 AWG Copper Rope).

DJ-IC eliminates frictional wear by use of rubber tubing for each rope.

DJ-SC uses a Stabilizer Flare on the terminal to reduce stress on the cable ends. This significantly reduces strand failure at the terminal.

DJ-XF uses 36 AWG strand rope and an extremely flexible protective cover. The DJ-XF is twice as flexible as the standard DJ air cooled cable.

Air cooled cables are available from 350 MCM to 2000 MCM cross sections.