High Strength Beryllium Copper Bar Stock Options

When it comes to copper alloy related materials, high strength beryllium copper bar stock is a clear winner. It is one of the highest strength copper alloys in existence today. This is very useful for applications where mechanical strength is defined as the limiting design feature. In addition, this unique and innovative material is heat treatable with the defining attributes of high hardness and strength. At the same time beryllium copper bar stock is known for lower electrical conductivity than typical class III defined materials. This high-strength alternative is used in a full range of modern custom applications.

Everything from Rectangle to Round and Bar as Well as Hexagon and Octagon

For example, it can be used for continuous casting molds, backup electrodes welding electrodes, plunger tips, bushings to name but a few. Equally impressive is that this material can be cast in a full variety of shapes. This includes everything from rectangle to round and bar as well as hexagon and octagon. With lengths up to 12 feet, the possibilities are extensive when considering this high-strength material. Plates can be crafted in various thicknesses from ½ inch up to 10 inches. The availability in terms of metal stock means it can be produced in mill form or precision cut to the customers unique custom specifications.

Exhibits Extraordinary Mechanical Strength and Hardness

This high-quality material is ISO certified, meets material test reports and has undergone nondestructive testing in terms of chemical analysis, conductivity as well as ultrasonic and x-ray inspection. In short, beryllium copper bar stock is a smart choice in state-of-the-art and technologically advanced materials that are highly functional and that exhibit extraordinary mechanical strength and hardness. With so much to offer it is clear to see why this advanced material is so useful in industry, manufacturing and other applications. Contact Cadi Company Inc. today to learn more about this useful and important material option.