Strong Class 2 C18200 Copper Chromium

With a relatively low conductivity and considered to be an overall strong material, C18200 Copper Chromium is frequently used for spot and seam welding. This can be done for a wide range of materials including everything from stainless steel to brass and bronze that is low conductivity as well as even hot rolled steel. In short, this is one type of material that can make a big difference when it comes to getting the job done right. It is frequently also used for flash welding as well as the production of electrodes that are used in the welding of a vast array of materials including galvanized steel. It is equally frequently used for a full range of other unique coated materials that require special attention. As a high conductivity chromium copper metal, this product is known for its optimum properties.

This Excellent Alloy is Able to Achieve Impressive Levels of Hardness

This is due to the fact that it effectively combines cold process with heat treatment. In most cases, C18200 Copper Chromium is used to work with heat-treated material. This material is specialized because it is a primary copper alloy that is ideal for unique applications such as resistance spot welding as well as seam welding. Best of all, this alloy is able to achieve impressive levels of hardness and electrical based conductivity through various processes. In short, this is an excellent material for a wide range of applications that demand specific conditions. With so much to offer it is clear to see why C18200 Copper Chromium is a preferred material in the industry and manufacturing today. Whether it is adapters, electrodes or other types of electrical applications where resistance to deformation due to excessive temperature is absolutely essential, this is a material that can make a big difference. Contact Cadi Company today for more information.