What it means to be ISO Certified at Cadi Company

Cadi Company, Inc. has been an ISO certified company since February 10, 2004. ISO is an International Organization for Standardization. Being certified to this standard demonstrates that you properly maintain quality objectives to ensure customer satisfaction. These standards are monitored, audited, and are used as guidelines for Cadi’s processes that ensure the company adheres to quality standards. The processes have procedures, guidelines, and on-the-job training to ensure that everyone understands and follows the system. Each month the progress of each process is monitored, documented, and charted. We are proud to be ISO certified for over 19 years.

Cadi has been a manufacturer and distributor of copper alloys for over 45 years serving the red metals industry with specialty copper alloys. Alloys that are high in conductivity, yield strength, elongation, tensile strength more so than regular coppers. With state-of-the-art machines and detailed processes is why customers buy from Cadi. Quality alloys that are tested and inspected. 

From electrodes to other unique applications, high conductivity copper alloys play a role in keeping manufacturing and industry on track both nationwide and around the world. When industry and manufacturing demand performance that exceeds the capabilities of standard copper products, unique and innovative alloys are the key to moving forward.