What is AMZIRC?

What is AMZIRC?

Amzirc is oxygen free copper containing zirconium.

Amzirc was developed for applications demanding high electrical conductivity and the continuation of strength at elevated temperatures. It is also called C15000, both are a blend of Copper (99.80% min.) and Zirconium (0.10-0.20%) that offers a excellent resistance welding material with very high softening temperatures up to 450 C. (840 F.). The smallest amount of zirconium improves resistance to softening and resists deformation at high temperatures where normal copper would soften rapidly. 

Amzirc is a RWMA (Resistance Welding Manufacturers Alliance under the American Welding Society) Class 1 copper alloy. Class 1 is defined as offering the maximum electrical and thermal conductivity. 

It is an excellent electrode material that minimizes sticking when resistance spot welding galvanized or coated materials. Also good for seam welding wheels and welding fixture components. It is commonly specified for demanding electrical motor and power generation applications such as commutators, motor end rings, and rotor bars. In aerospace it is specified as a heat flux material as well as called for in military and commercial applications. 

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