Using Copper Chromium Zirconium Alloys has benefits

Benefits of using Copper Chromium Zirconium Alloys

The primary use of Copper Chromium Zirconium alloy is for resistance spot and seam welding. This alloy achieves good hardness and electrical conductivity through a combination of heat treatment and cold work. One of the benefits is that it can provide less sticking and resist deformation for much longer than other alloys. Secondly, it is widely utilized for electrodes, holders, adaptors, as well as numerous electrical applications where resistance to deformation at high temperature is required or when higher mechanical properties than C11000 are required. Keep in mind that with certain types of copper alloys, the end result is a hard, dense metal that is far superior in terms of wear resistance and strength to other similar metals when exposed to high temperatures.

Where to Turn for RWMA Class 2 C18150 Alloy

Copper Chromium Zirconium Alloy commonly referred to as C18150, RWMA Class 2 material, AWS J1.3 material. First, when talking about C18150 it is important to note that the greatest value in the alloy should be referred to first which is copper 98.85%. Followed by chromium with 1% value, then zirconium at .15% value making it an alloy that is used extensively in North America. Whether we are talking about copper alloys in general or more specifically RWMA copper alloys as well as refractory metals. At Cadi Company you will have a team of working professionals to help you with C18150 as well as other Copper Alloys such as C18200, C15000, C17510, C18000.

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