Seeking Copper Based Alloys?

Seeking Copper-Based Alloys?

Whether we are talking about copper alloys in general or more specifically RWMA copper alloys as well as refractory metals and a wide range of finished consumables in addition to copper alloys for performance, working with a team of professionals can never be understated. Keep in mind that with certain types of copper alloys, the end result is a hard, dense metal that is far superior in terms of wear resistance and strength to other similar metals when exposed to high temperatures. With good thermal and electrical conductivity, these metals offer a great advantage to those in industry and manufacturing.


From your Blueprint or Ours let Cadi Help You Source Copper Based Alloys

As a matter of fact, RWMA copper alloys are well suited for spot and seam welding when focusing on a variety of projection welding electrodes as well as flash and butt-welding electrodes. This is particularly important with regard to good electrical and thermal conductivity requirements. With so much to offer it is clear to see why certain types of alloys and specifically those that involve copper must be properly sourced when necessary. Choosing the right company to work with can make all the difference in this regard.

Technical and Experience are Our Strong Points

Cadi Company, for example, is a smart choice among those in industry and manufacturing that demand the best. With over four decades of experience in the industry, this is a company with manufacturing and distribution experience as it relates to copper-based alloys that simply cannot be ignored. Boasting safety, quality, experience, and technical expertise as its strong points, the company always strives to deliver for customers regardless of the project at hand. With an extensive line of products and services, Cadi Company is a force to be reckoned with in the industry. Visit online or call today to learn more.