Premium Copper Zirconium Alloys for Industry

Premium Copper Zirconium Alloys for Industry 

Today more than ever before it is important for industry and those in manufacturing to have access to the best in premium grade copper zirconium alloys. This type of metal offers higher levels of resistance when it comes to welding and features very high temperature points with relation to softening. With improved resistance to softening and being remarkably resistant to deformation at excessively high heat exposure, this is the copper alloy of choice. This is especially true when considering that normal copper metal products will typically soften very fast under the same conditions.

Resistance Type Spot Welding of Everything from Coated to Galvanized Materials

With so much to offer it is clear to see why more professionals in industry and manufacturing are turning to premium grade copper zirconium alloys and other similar industrial quality metal products. Another excellent feature of this type of alloy is that it helps to minimize sticking with regard to resistance type spot welding of everything from coated materials to galvanized materials. While there are many companies throughout the region and across the country that offer this type of important alloy as well as others, one company has consistently proven to be a leader in the field.

A Leading Organization with a Proven Track Record

Cadi Company Inc is a family-owned business with more than four decades in the industry that distributes and manufactures copper with a unique commitment to expert customer care and quality processing. With its worldwide operations, the company features an extensive line of products and services and competitive pricing. In terms of competitors in the copper industry, Cadi Company is a leading organization with a proven track record. Providing experience, safety, quality and technical expertise is what this company does best. To learn more about all that the Cadi Company has to offer simply visit online or call today. High quality premium copper zirconium alloys are now at your fingertips.