Learn More About C16200 Copper Cadmium

Today copper alloys come in many different varieties and are employed for many different uses. From electrodes for welding aluminum alloys to many other similar uses, copper alloys simply cannot be ignored in today’s modern world of industry and manufacturing. C16200 Copper Cadmium was an example of a copper alloy that exhibits various levels of conductivity needed in modern industry, however, due to the toxicity of cadmium, C18150 Chromium Zirconium Copper is an excellent drop-in replacement. Another great alternative is C15000 Copper Zirconium. These alloys are used for electrodes and are another example of an important application that requires special metals that exhibit various levels of hardness, Electrical conductivity, and anti-corrosive properties. Other metals that are known for their low electrical resistance are also important. Working with an organization like Cadi Company is the first place to start when exploring the many options made possible today by copper alloys.

Innovative and Highly Useful Alloys

In addition, there are many unique types of alloy metals that have unusual combinations of hardness, strength and conductivity. Each metal is unique and different and has a specific purpose in the industrial manufacturing environment. Thermal properties, high tensile strength, and other important attributes are considered based upon heat treatable copper alloys. With C18150 Copper Chromium Zirconium and C15000 Copper Zirconium being great drop-in replacements for C16200 copper cadmium, this is just one example of innovative and highly useful alloys that helps industry and manufacturing stay on track and keep the modern manufacturing process going strong. With so much to offer it is clear to see why these alloys as well as others only continue to become more important in our modern world. To learn more about all the alloys contact Cadi Company today.