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The Tungsten - Copper combination produces a dense, hard metal of superior wear resistance and strength at elevated temperatures. In addition, it possesses good thermal and electrical conductivity. Suited for projection welding electrodes, electro-forming and electro-forging electrodes facings for upsetting of studs and rivets, cross-wire welding of large diameter wire and rod, flash and butt welding electrodes, spot welding electrodes, light upsetting and seam welding bushings. Harder than Class 10 and used where moderate pressure is required.

Item Name: Copper Tungsten, RWMA Class 11, ASTM B702 C1D
Amount of Tungsten: 75 %
Amount of Copper: 25 %
Shape: Bar
RWMA (Resistance Welding Manufacturing Alliance) Class: Class 11
Principal Element: Cu, W
Minimum Hardness Rockwell (up to 1" dia.): HRB 94
Minimum Electrical Conductivity (% IACS Min): 40