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Cadi Company is a manufacturer and master distributor of high conductivity copper alloys. Specializing in copper that is used to manufacturer resistance welding products and related welding components; such as welding wheels, electrodes and numerous other applications that demand the performance beyond the capabilities of standard coppers.

RWMA Copper Alloys
Ready-to-ship: rod, bar, plate, weld wheel blanks, custom shapes and sizes.

RWMA Class 1 (C15000) Zirconium Copper
RWMA Class 1 (C16200) Cadmium Copper
RWMA Class 2 (C18150) Chromium Zirconium Copper
RWMA Class 2 (C18200) Chromium Copper
RWMA Class 3 (C18000) Nickel Silicon Chromium Copper (Be Free)
RWMA Class 3 (C17510) Nickel Beryllium Copper
RWMA Class 4 (C17200) Beryllium Copper
RWMA Class 10 (10.74450) Copper Tungsten
RWMA Class 11 (11.74400) Copper Tungsten
RWMA Class 12 (12.74350) Copper Tungsten
RWMA Class 13 (13.74300) Tungsten
RWMA Class 14 (14.42300) Molybdenum
RWMA Class 20 (C15760) Aluminum Oxide Copper
Direct Source for Rod, Bar and Plate Copper Alloy Rod, Bar and Plate
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